ARTOSI bioclimatic pergola

The only pergola,
which adapts to you
The only pergola,
which adapts to you
The only pergola,
which adapts to you
The only pergola,
which adapts to you
Bioclimatic pergola

Exactly to your liking

The ARTOSI self-supporting bioclimatic pergola with an innovative and clean design will adapt to you in many ways. We developed it with an emphasis on accuracy, quality of workmanship and the possibility of individual adjustments.

It is suitable for every garden and terrace

It is suitable for every garden and terrace
The ARTOSI bioclimatic pergola is manufactured with high precision. This makes every installation easy and fast. In addition, you can mount the pergola to the wall of the house or leave it standing alone. The pergola stand can be moved up to 1 m off the corner of the pergola.
One pergola – endless range of possibilities
ARTOSI self-supporting bioclimatic pergola with an innovative and clean design from the development department of ISOTRA.
Jaromír Jágr - Spoléhám se vždy na to nejlepší - ARTOSI.
and development
of own technology.
It's also
a top-level sport.“

your climate

Control your climate
The advantage of the ARTOSI pergola is the possibility of dividing the roof into several independent sections, which can be controlled separately. You can comfortably regulate the flow of light, heat and air in any part of the pergola according to the position of the sun's rays throughout the day. For greater comfort, the sides of the pergola can be easily supplemented with screen fabric blinds.
Bioclimatic pergola

4 basic functions


1. Weather

Protects against bad weather

2. Ventilation

Creates a pleasant climate

3. Temperature

Regulates penetrating heat

4. Shading

Provides optimal shading and thus optical comfort

Dimensions, options
and colour design

Dimensions, options and colour design
Number of slat zones 1 - 2 zones
Pergola width 1000 - 4500 mm
Underpass height max 3000 mm
Extension length 1440 - 7000 mm From 6 120 mm extension, the pergola has 6 stands.

Standard colours

RAL 9006
RAL 9006 S
RAL 9007
RAL 9007 S
RAL 9010 M
RAL 9010 S
RAL 7016 M
RAL 7016 S
RAL 8014 M
RAL 8014 S
DB 702
DB 703

Advantages and benefits

Advantages and benefits

Making pergola to the exact size

The pergola is produced with high accuracy.

Possibility to placing stands up to 1 m off the corner

In case the stands bother you in the corner (sidewalk, view, etc.).

Low pitch height of the roof profile

Height of the frame including the open slat - a total of 25 cm.

Possibility to divide slats into several sections

The roof of the pergola can be divided into several independent sections, independently controllable.

Clean and elegant design

Pergola with its exceptional design creates an elegant environment and maximum comfort almost all year round.

Great assembly variability

Pergola can be assembled in a combination of free-standing or anchored to the wall.

Slat opening angle 130 °

Flowing regulation of penetrating light and heat.

Big load bearing capacity of the slats

Up to a width of 4000 mm, the load capacity of the slats is up to 116 kg/m2. From a width of 4000 mm, the load capacity of the slats is up to 90 kg/m2.

Option to integrate LED strip

Lighting on the sides of the pergola with LED strips with a choice of hot or cold light.

Possibility to integrate shading technology

Screen fabric blinds can be incorporated into the stands for even greater protection against adverse weather.

Rain resistance

When the roof slats are fully closed, they protect against rain, while water is always drained by at least one stand.

Our own development

Pergola ARTOSI is a purely Czech product. Everything was designed, developed and manufactured by the market leader in the field of shading technology, the

Wind resistance class 6

According to the standard ČSN EN 13659 + A1: 2009, class 6 is the highest class of wind resistance.


We provide a 5-year warranty on the ARTOSI pergola. LED lighting: 2 years.
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Carport ARTOSI

Carport ARTOSI
The Carport ARTOSI is a timeless shelter with an innovative design, developed with emphasis on precision, quality of workmanship and possibility of individual modifications, which will ensure the protection of your car against the adverse effects of the weather. The aluminium construction, which is identical to the construction of the ARTOSI bioclimatic pergola, is supplemented with a load-bearing plate (RAL 9006) or polycarbonate. The Carport ARTOSI has integrated water drainage inside the construction with no need for further modifications, with optional LED lighting located around the entire perimeter, controlled by a motion sensor or using IO technology. The shelter can also be delivered in a roofless version (only stands and perimeter frame).

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