ARTOSI spring bonus

Free screen roller shutter for the ARTOSI bioclimatic pergola

ISOTRA a.s. has prepared for its customers a special offer "FREE SCREEN ROLLER SHUTTER FOR THE ARTOSI BIOCLIMATIC PERGOLA".


The screen roller shutter BONUS (hereinafter referred to as BONUS) can be obtained with each binding order of an ARTOSI pergola, which is confirmed by the customer in the ISOTRA Partner, ISOTRA ARTOSI Partner network of dealers or at ISOTRA a.s. dealers (hereinafter referred to as business partner), namely between March 4, 2024 and May 30, 2024. The order must apply to products manufactured or supplied by ISOTRA a.s.

BONUS applies to the products listed below:
a) ALFA-ZIP screen roller shutter
b) ALFA PLUS-ZIP screen roller shutter

BONUS can be obtained based on the following rules:
a) The customer bindingly orders an ARTOSI pergola during the special offer.
b) The customer bindingly orders screen roller shutters for the ARTOSI pergola according to the above offer.
c) BONUS of the screen roller shutter for free can be claimed under conditions of ordering min. 2 screen roller shutters.
d) If the customer orders 2 screen roller shutters, he will get 1 for free; if he orders 3 or more screen roller shutters, the same rule applies – 1 screen roller shutter for free.
e) It always applies that the BONUS refers to the screen roller shutter with the smallest m2 area.

Necessary condition for obtaining the BONUS is generation of a unique code at On these pages, the customer configures the ARTOSI pergola, including screen roller shutters. Before sending a non-binding request, in the last configuration step, the unique code is generated for the customer to obtain the BONUS. After obtaining the unique code, the total price for the ARTOSI pergola and screen roller shutters is automatically recalculated. The price is shown including VAT and excluding assembly.

After sending the non-binding request, the customer will receive an e-mail with summary of the pergola configuration, including the unique code. Within 24 hours after sending the non-binding request, the customer will be contacted by a business partner of ISOTRA a.s. concerning personal consultation of the specified configuration, measurement, assembly and the final binding order.

In the case of confirming the order, the customer will prove himself to the business partner with the unique code for applying the BONUS.

The value of the BONUS will be reduced from the total price of the order including VAT.

And YOU can look forward to your new bioclimatic ARTOSI pergola, which will be exactly according to your desires together with the screen roller shutters.

Detailed rules of the special offer can be found here.